The Future of Travel – Is Sustainable Possible? | Highlights | DW

The Future of Travel – Is Sustainable Possible? | Highlights | DW

This film examines the tourism organization today, and asks how the sector envisages the upcoming.

The pandemic brought the tourist sector to a standstill. But it also highlighted a thing we have extended suspected: Namely, also considerably journey is poor for the ecosystem. Not only that, but tourism transforms full regions – not usually for the greater. It profoundly impacts communities and generally provides gains for only a incredibly couple.

But our wanderlust stays. So, do vacationers have to come to a decision concerning the two extremes: exotic destinations (and superior carbon footprints) or vacations at household? Provided the local weather emergency, can we fly without having sensation responsible? How environmentally damaging are cruises? And what does it signify to have a sustainable holiday getaway?

This documentary examines an business that had gotten in advance of itself, even prior to it was hit by the pandemic. We listen to from mayors, tourism professionals, a local climate pro, an world-wide-web activist and a sociologist.

The film travels to the European tourist hotspots of Barcelona, Venice and Dubrovnik. The small island of Palau in the Pacific Ocean demonstrates how sustainable journey can be sensibly organized, and a Parisian commence-up develops a notion for virtual vacation activities.


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