30177_1258141705997_5106513_nТекст: Светлана Файн, Москва

На экране компьютера – новости из Парижа, переписка с французскими друзьями. А передо мной лежит книга, название которой переводится с итальянского как «Мы, террористы». Автор книги – не террорист. Его зовут Марио Джиро, и он зам. министра иностранных дел Италии, член Общины святого Эгидия. Отталкиваясь от историй исполнителей терактов в Париже в начале года и от историй тех, кто уезжает сражаться за ИГИЛ, он размышляет, кто на самом деле эти люди и как они к этому приходят. Continue reading


Text: Maria Gerchak; Photos: Cornelia Paasch, Karl Opuchlich, Katharina Goldbach, Maria Gerchak.

Having a big family all over the world is the best thing that can happen to you. I realized it this weekend during the “No More Walls” Youth for Peace meeting in Berlin with young people from Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and France. Having this kind of family gives you confidence, hope and power to change the world. It gives the strength we need to fulfill the task and the promise we gave ourselves these days: to tear down the walls in our world. Walls of all kinds: between rich and poor, europeans and refugees, between citizens of different countries, ethnic groups and many other visible and invisible walls.  Continue reading

1001487_508761655859497_232974478_nТext: Маria Herchak, Berlin

Photos: Cleo Herré , Marcel Luge, Maria Herchak

I moved to Berlin 3 months ago. It is a big and an extremely diverse city. Sometimes I have the feeling, I’m walking in the streets of Istanbul, or New York, or soviet parts of Kiev, or in a little German village…

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528614_415810171769789_1260071858_nText: Kacper Pietraszewski, Warsaw

Since we played charades together in Cracow, I’ve started to think about the unity. Well, how could it be that Poles were playing with Ukrainians and Russians? They didn’t argue or fight, but spent time together just having fun. Sometimes, when they didn’t understand each other, they were looking for different ways to tell something important or for the words they have in common.  Continue reading

Text: Maria Herchak

Calligraphy: Taras Makar

10967209_809724239096569_1934536388_oHave I ever thought I could begin my day with reading news from the front? Could I ever imagine reading every day new names of fallen soldiers of my country? Has it ever come to my mind that I could lose someone I love in war?

Two years ago we lived a “normal” (eastern-European) life: struggling with omnipresent corruption and unfairness, with absurd bureaucracy and poverty and fighting for freedom of speech. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, so to say. But never ever would we imagine that war could be so close.

So many things happened in one year. And even more things changed in our minds and hearts. Children loosing fathers, mothers loosing children, families loosing each other… Who needs all this?!  Continue reading


What if magic exists? What if there is a power to make our strongest wishes come true? What if there is something that could stop the wars, help those in need and become the basis for the most precious gift – sustainable and everlasting peace?.. Continue reading