12311975_10153303393927005_1596916821_nText: Katarzyna Bak, Warsaw, Poland

Foto: Ania Matlak

What can you do on Sunday afternoon? Maybe go to a concert with your friends?

I think it is a great idea and not only I think so. On November 8th many people gathered to enjoy music but also to be together.


Warsaw. Solec – one of those parts of the city where you can feel the atmosphere of the past times. Somewhere among the blocks, there is a place which makes this sentence true.  It is quite a big house made of red brick with a green garden. Usually it is a nursing home. The place, where you rarely see a young person. Families of residents also don’t come there very often. People who live there usually stay in each other’s company for days, months, years but on that day the nursing home turned into a concert hall.


A lot of people, residents and guests, elderly, young and even two kids came to the concert. That day we could meet each other, face to face. We could see that human life has many stages and each of them is important, worthy of attention. Every person has something to share with others. Our meeting was complemented by a mutual celebration of music.

11148745_439209689603357_365582733636335881_nThanks to the Musical Aspirations Foundation, lead by Urszula Gutowska and Aleksandra Braumańska, the audience had a chance to listen to two young, talented Polish violinists: Jakub Jakowicz and Anna Maria Staśkiewicz. They gave us an opportunity to meet such great musicians as Vivaldi, Górecki and Bartók.

12208827_439209732936686_123941040937077040_nThe concert started with Sonata B-dur RV 77, composed by an Italian priest. Next we had a chance to listen to a composition of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, which represents contemporary classical music. His Sonata for two violins op. 10 is not an easy thing. It is a challenge. I am really happy that we could listen to that piece because it shows that we were taken seriously. People make progress only when they face challenges. I think that part of us, in this way, has broadened our minds. At the end of the concert we could listen to some compositions of Hungarian musician. His music took us to different parts of the world, from Serbia to the Middle East.


The audience rewarded the violinists with big applause. Atfer the concert some people asked when the next performance would take place. Our friends, who live in a house in Solec, were really delighted but one of them, Janusz said that there should be more of Vivaldi. Maybe next time?



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