February 12, 2015

Give me back my peace

Text: Maria Herchak

Calligraphy: Taras Makar

10967209_809724239096569_1934536388_oHave I ever thought I could begin my day with reading news from the front? Could I ever imagine reading every day new names of fallen soldiers of my country? Has it ever come to my mind that I could lose someone I love in war?

Two years ago we lived a “normal” (eastern-European) life: struggling with omnipresent corruption and unfairness, with absurd bureaucracy and poverty and fighting for freedom of speech. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, so to say. But never ever would we imagine that war could be so close.

So many things happened in one year. And even more things changed in our minds and hearts. Children loosing fathers, mothers loosing children, families loosing each other… Who needs all this?! 

Sometimes it’s even hard to completely understand what you feel, because emotions are constantly mixed up. But in this entire context it is very easy to get despaired: you see losses at all frontiers and constantly at the informational. You see how propaganda is spreading hatred between nations and people, who a few months ago were considered to be close friends. You see how this virus infects the consciousness of so many. You feel how the need of vengeance sometimes overcomes the wish for a dialogue. And that is scary.

I desperately desire peace.

Only when you lose something, you begin to understand how precious it was to you.

No mother wants her son to be dead, no 19-year-old wants be killed, no journalist wants to tell, how many fellow-citizens we’ve lost today, and even no general wants to declare the statistics of the fallen. Every death is one too much. Every life has the right to continue and no one has the authority to take it away.

Insane are those, who justify this evil, who try to explain the meaning of killing each other, who continue to spread hatred and lies. Don’t they see? No one can be a winner in a war. You can only lose: your family member, your friend, your happiness or yourself.

I really want to have children and grandchildren, just to teach them that peace and love are the most precious gifts given to us. And no matter what, we have to keep them, strive for them and perpetuate them.

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  1. […] Articolo di Maria Herchack per il blog A World Without Violence dei Giovani per la Pace dell’Ucraina. […]

  2. A hearty embrace from Italy. We are deeply concerned and pray for Ukraine.
    We have republished your article in the blog of Italian Youth for Peace: http://www.giovaniperlapace.it/2015/02/ridatemi-la-pace/

    • Alessandro, thanks you for your concern and your prayers! I really think that only with God’s help we can go through this.
      And thanks so much for the translation! It is important to know, that there are not only a pro-ukrainian or pro-russian viewpoint, but also a pro-peace-position.

  3. Very interesting thoughts. Thank you, Musia!

  4. “No one can be a winner in a war.” – can’t agree. ok, considering your interpretation “if Ukraine wins this war we’ll still lose, because of the deaths of many people” i believe it would still be a better end than to be a double looser and also lose the part of the territory (with all the people living there, so please don’t say that people are more important than the territory). I think we have no right to leave people who stay there to terrorists, we can’t betray them. so i don’t think that peace-at-any-price is a reasonable solution.

    • I’m not an expert in geopolitics, but I do think, that fighting and killing each other is not the right way out of this. You really think, that “winning” means “killing all soldiers, who are in the opposite side”?
      Hm… I just thought, if I was there, I mean in the East, “peace at any price” wouldn’t be a bad variant. 100% better, than every day artillery strikes.

      • no, I don’t want them to be killed. I just want Russian soldiers go back to their Russia and take their weapon with them. only then any dialogue is possible (and necessary). we’ll find common language with our people. and those who want to live (or die?) in their beloved Russia so much can start packing. not we started this war. we just protect what belongs to us and our people who are not zombies after watching Russian propaganda.


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