January 22, 2015

Special Day

1Text by Anastasia Novitskaya, Moscow

Photos by Melisa Savina, Moscow

On the 7th of January 200 homeless people became happier and felt love and care.
The Christmas dinner which passes every year is not just an event when some volunteers try to feed the homeless. No! It is a gaily day when we’re meeting old friends, getting new one and becoming closer to each other.


It was the first experience of dinner like that for me, so I had so much emotions and pleasure! Every homeless is interesting in his own way. There were a lot of jokes, smiles and gratitude. The atmosphere was completely friendly! Every person found this day special for himself!

Some people were laughing and getting fun and some of them telling their life story (sometimes sad, sometimes very bright, sometimes unbelievable). And certain people were calm and silent but in their eyes you could see the light. These people tried to remember every moment.


I’ve never seen so thankful people for 3 hours of communication and attention to them. When you see how a granny cries because of the getting presents you realized that this is one of the most important day in your life! You could make the person happy and this feeling is amazing!
All homeless felt a holiday with the Christmas songs, the presents and the real friends. And I’m sure that they will remember it for a long time! It was a great day which gave so much both for homeless and for volunteers. That is why I want to wish to continue these wonderful tradition to present people love and hope for the best!

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  1. Christmas dinner in a church makes church more beautiful!


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